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South Hills Open Space Plan

Preserving the South Hills in Loma Linda

Mission Development is committed to balance development in the South Hills along with preserving thousands of acres of open space for wildlife corridors and trail systems. Currently 70% of the total land in the South Hills is owned by private individuals and developable under existing plans.

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The ridgelines and hillsides that are visible from central Loma Linda retain a natural beauty that is increasingly rare in Southern California. While other neighboring cities have built on their vistas, city officials, neighborhood groups, and environmental activists have been working on the South Hills Master Plan to protect the hillsides, ridgelines and open space.

Based on a fair and balanced General Plan, as we envision it, and contrary to what certain parties have been claiming, these are the facts of our goals for the properties we are studying in the South Hills:

  1. About 500 homes would be clustered on 400 acres of the 1000+ acre golf course community planning area.
  2. 600+ acres of natural open space would be dedicated in perpetuity to the City or designated conservancy.
  3. Trail connections, enhanced trails, vista parks and the golf course would contribute 200+ additional acres of open space to the community.
  4. Over 80% of Mission Development owned South Hills property would be dedicated to permanent open space.
  5. Dedicated open space would be given over to the City or a designated Conservancy and will be deed restricted to never be developed. This is a high priority for Mission Development Company.
  6. We would like to see a small 10 to 15 acre cluster of about 100 senior oriented casitas near the golf clubhouse. The remaining property would consist of 10,000 square feet minimum lots, but we envision a diversity of lots that would average a much larger size.
  7. The north facing slopes as seen from the city would be preserved.
  8. Regarding our property on the north bench adjacent to the railroad tracks in the Very Low Density land use category we picture a 150 to 175 enclave of high-end homes.

The General Plan is an important guide for the progress of the City and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to share our vision for our properties. We also thank you for taking the time to review and consider our comments. As local stakeholders in a constructive and positive future we look forward to working with the City of Loma Linda further and continuing our involvement and participation in the community.”

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